The IHP hearings process

Step 6: At the hearing:

  • Present your summary of points when called to speak.
  • Keep to the time you have been given.
  • Answer any questions from the Panel.

Frequently asked questions

What happens at the hearing?

The hearing is a formal process and is similar to going to court. At all times the Chair of the hearing session will be referred to as either Mr Chair or Madam Chair. When Judge Kirkpatrick is chairing, he will be referred to as Judge or Your Honour.

At the start of the hearing session, the Chair will introduce the Panel and then he/she will briefly explain what will happen at the hearing.

Before the hearing session, the Panel will read submissions and any evidence provided. This will mean less time is needed in the hearing to present information and ask questions.

The Panel will limit your speaking time.

The Panel will call you forward when it is your turn to speak. You will be invited to tell the Panel your key points if you have provided written evidence. You will not be asked to read out your submission or evidence in full.

After you (or your representative) have presented your views, members of the Panel may ask questions to clarify the information presented. Cross-examination, usually of expert witnesses by other parties, may be allowed provided a notice to cross-examine has been lodged within time.

When all the speakers for that hearing session have been heard, the Chair will close the hearing and everyone leaves the room.

How can I find out what happened at a hearing?

You can attend the hearing session in person, contact us to request a copy of the audio recording of the hearing or go to the hearings page to see what evidence was provided at the hearing and the record of who attended.