Next steps following conclusion of the hearings

The Independent Hearings Panel (the Panel) will complete all the hearings in May 2016. The Panel will then provide its recommendations on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan to the Auckland Council no later than 22 July 2016.

The Council (Governing Body) will consider the Panel's recommendations and make decisions on whether to accept, accept in part or reject recommendations. The Council is required to publicly notify its decisions by 19 August 2016. Submitters will be notified by Auckland Council about the decisions and where they can view them.

The Panel's recommendations and the Council's decisions will only be made available on the Auckland Council website. On 27 July (late afternoon) the Independent Hearings Panel recommendations will be publicly available on the Auckland Council website. This will include a summary document explaining the panel's recommended changes to the proposed Unitary Plan and a recommended version of the plan. The Panel's recommendations will not be published on the AUPIHP website.

Following public notification of the Council's decisions, the appeal period commences. For specific appeal and judicial review rights, see sections 155-159 of the Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Act 2010. You may wish to seek your own legal advice on this.

The Council will be considering the Panel's recommendations at meetings in August 2016. You will be able to see the agenda and minutes of these meetings on the council website.

Please note that from 22 July 2016 the Independent Hearings Panel office will no longer be operational and any questions about the Unitary Plan should be directed to Auckland Council at

Until 22 July 2016, you can call us on 09 979 5566 or email us with any questions.

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