The IHP hearings process

Step 1: What hearings will I be invited to?

  • The hearings are based on the themes in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.
  • Use the 'Find my hearing tool' on the home page to find out which hearings your submission linked to and when they will be.
  • If you have said you wish to be heard, you will be sent a hearing notice (email or post) to invite you to each of the hearings that your submission is linked to.
  • You can view the full hearing schedule under "Hearing Schedule Documents" on the Hearings page. The schedule changes often so please check back regularly for updates.

Note: Depending on your submission (and further submission), you may get invited to a lot of hearings. You do not have to come to them all. Just come to the hearings you think are the most important for you to attend.